The Ultimate Bungalow Getaway in Amed, Bali at Santai Hotel

Anyone who wants a unique, out-of-the-box stay in Bali needs to check out Santai Hotel in Amed immediately! Before I get into why, make sure you’ve checked out my previous Bali post all about their sister hotel The Griya Villas and Spa, detailing my first couple days on this beautiful island. Now, let’s continue!

Photo May 27, 5 27 05 PM_preview

Once arriving at Santai Hotel, the first thing I noticed was how lush and green it was! They really worked hard to make you feel like you’re living in the jungle, which was one of my absolute favorite things about our stay here. The moment you walk in, you’ll be mesmerized by the trees, bushes and gorgeous flowers that overwhelm this peaceful hotel. Let’s get into the fun stuff now, shall we? OUR BUNGALOW.


Although Santai has both sea view and garden views bungalows (both of which are incredible, by the way) — we received a sea view and let me just say, each and every morning we were taken back by how stunning it was walking out our front door. From the pool to the ocean, we were able to mellow out on our front porch in the AM with delicious tea delivered before we were even awake.

Photo May 27, 5 28 34 PM_previewIMG_8571Photo May 27, 5 22 12 PM_preview

Once you step inside the bungalow, you’ll notice a gorgeous canopy-style bed one the first level and another on the second level (yes, there were two floors which were accessible by the coolest wooden staircases ever!). The bathroom was yet another open concept layout with a shower bigger than I’d ever imagine.

Photo May 27, 5 26 26 PM_previewIMG_8581Photo May 27, 5 23 38 PM_preview

Aside from the room, the fabulous food and the amazing hospitality of the staff every second of every day, another one of my favorite things about this hotel was the hidden entryway to the beach. It led to the cutest little beach swing and an incredible private oasis we fell in love with.

Our second day at Santai Hotel we ventured off to one of Bali’s most magical temples, Lumpayang Temple. It was a short hike up to the entryway of the temple, and once you arrive you are sprit’d with blessing water and given a sarong to wear. It was beautiful getting to be immersed in the Balinese culture in this way.

There are three staircases, the middle of which is strictly used for prayer, while the other two we were able to climb. Not only was the view from the bottom breathtaking, but the view from the top was unlike anything I’d ever seen in my life — overlooking what appeared to be the majority of the island. We were speechless.

Afterwards, we decided to rent a scooter and spend the rest of the day roaming Amed without a driver to really get accustomed to the area and all the amazing people who live there. We met so many beautiful souls, drove up to viewpoints we only dreamed of and enjoyed the wind in our hair throughout the drive.


The following day, we said goodbye to Amed and our incredible Santai bungalow and made the long trek to Semniyak, Bali (blog posts on that portion of the trip to come…)


Follow along on future posts for more about our trip and make sure to check out Santai Hotel during your stay in Bali:!

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