The Perfect Way to Vacation in Bali

If you’ve been following my recent posts, you know I’ve spent the last two weeks traveling all over Bali, Indonesia with my boyfriend, Tim. Not were we lucky enough to experience scuba diving the Liberty Ship Wreck, the iconic Bali chocolate factory, Lumpayang Temple, Ujung Water Palace, Virgin Beach, horseback riding, the monkey sanctuary, Tanah Lot Temple and Tegenungan Waterfall — we stayed in some beyond beautiful villas and bungalows. One of my favorites hands down was our stay at Le Jardin Villas, managed by Avilla Bali.


Not only was our villa to die for, but everything from the staff to the food was a dream come true! I can’t recommend Le Jardin enough for any upcoming Bali vacations you might be planning. For more on our stay at Le Jardin, check out my latest post all about the hotel and our personal villa.


Now, onto how we spent the last few days of our trip! We made a few memorable pit stops on our way from Amed to Seminyak and I can’t wait to share them with you. The first thing we did was hit up Tegenungan Waterfall in Ubud. If you love a bit of an adventure, the trek to Tegenungan is definitely for you. After climbing down over 100 stairs and passing through a small creek, you’ll be at one of the most gorgeous waterfalls you’ve ever seen. Although the 100 stair climb back up is certainly a tough one, witnessing how majestic the waterfall is will absolutely be worth it, I promise. Not to mention they have an awesome swing at the falls you can hop on for a super affordable IDR price.

After the waterfall we decided to check out the famous Monkey Sanctuary while in Ubud. While I had been waiting to see the Monkey Forest for years, I never imagined it would be as cool as it was. There were monkeys EVERYWHERE — walking beside us, swinging in the trees and sitting beside the guests eating bananas. If you pay a small fee for food you can even get a pic with one of them sitting on your shoulders (of course we opted for that!). If ever in Ubud and you’re a huge animal lover, I’d 100% recommend checking out the sanctuary. It’s also great for families!

The following day we decided to keep it a little more chill and headed out to Canggu to do something I’ve always wanted to: horseback riding. While scuba diving in Amed was my #1 activity from this trip, horseback riding in Canggu was a close second! The guides took us through the rice fields and onto the beach where we rode around for about an hour before posing for a few pics with our horse buddies in front of the ocean. It was something out of a movie!

Our final (and last) day was epic as it just so happened to be Galungan: a Balinese holiday celebrating the victory of dharma over adharma. It marks the time when the ancestral spirits visit the Earth. To celebrate this sacred day in Balinese tradition, we decided to go to one of Bali’s most famous and jaw-dropping temples: Tanah Lot Temple. Aside from the view overlooking the sea, Tanah Lot is home to tons of traditional shops and some amazing Hindu temples. Celebrating such an impactful day there amongst the Balinese people is an experience I’ll always cherish.

Overall, we had the most fabulous trip in Bali and are so thankful we got to meet the beautiful souls we met, see the incredible things we saw and did the powerful things we did. It was certainly a trip to remember.


Check out everything else we did during our trip in the links below and if you’re ever in the Seminyak area, don’t forget to book a stay at Le Jardin — you won’t regret it:


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