My Favorite Villa in Bali: The Griya Villas and Spa

Let me start this post off by saying — Bali, Indonesia is one of the most special places in the world! If you’re thinking about visiting, DO IT. You won’t regret it.


Tim and I recently had the pleasure of exploring the beautiful island of Bali for almost two weeks and had the most magical time of our lives. The moment we landed, we were picked up by the most genuinely kind and helpful driver name Puji, sent by our new home for the next few days: The Griya Villas and Spa. He not only knew all there was to know about Bali (and ended up giving us some amazing recommendations), but he was truly the sweetest human we’ve ever met.


Once we arrived at the Griya in Amed, I was immediately floored by how stunning this resort is. From the gorgeous, private infinity pools, to the beautiful open concept layout — I fell in love immediately. Let’s talk about our villa for a moment shall we…

Not only did we have our own private swimming pool (insane views of the Bali sunrise and sunset included!), but breakfast was served to us every morning in our out-of-this-world kitchen overlooking the pool view. Need I go on?!

Photo May 25, 9 26 22 AM_previewPhoto May 27, 5 50 27 PM_preview

The bed room had a stunning view our of backyard as well, with doors that opened up right in the pool area. But let’s take a minute to chat about my absolutely favorite part of the entire villa: THE BATHROOM. As I said, it was completely open concept, with a stunning tub, beautiful dual sinks and my dream shower!!!

Photo May 25, 7 14 17 AM_previewPhoto May 27, 5 32 16 PM_previewPhoto May 27, 5 32 56 PM_previewPhoto May 27, 5 51 35 PM_preview

We enjoyed a fabulous Channa massage (concentrating on pressure points to banish blockages in the body’s energy flow and flush out toxins) from their spa and many, many delicious meals from their rooftop bar and Safka Restaurant.

Photo May 27, 5 39 10 PM_preview

If you’re visiting Bali, I can’t recommend The Griya Villas and Spa enough. Everything from the accommodating and wonderful staff, to the beautiful views made this my all-time favorite Bali getaway.

Photo May 27, 5 31 39 PM_previewPhoto May 27, 5 38 01 PM_previewPhoto May 27, 5 52 34 PM_preview

Our first day in Amed we hired a driver (an amazing service provided by the Griya, thankfully) who took us to three different locations that day. The first was Ujung Water Palace, a former palace in Karangasem Regency that was home to the King in the 1900’s. The palace sits on one of the most majestic pieces of land I’ve ever seen. Home to gorgeous flowers, beautiful architecture and a staircase that leads to a view that will take your breath away — I was in absolute heaven.

The next location was Virgin Beach, a beach providing crystal clear blue water and warm white sand. We laid out for a few hours, took a dip in the water and enjoyed a stroll along the sand before heading to our next location. Did I mention there’s a secret road heading to the beach (that luckily our driver, Puji knew about — bless the locals!) which has the most jaw-dropping views of Karangasem, Amed. If you decide to visit Virgin while in Bali, make sure to ask your driver to take you “the scenic route.” You won’t be sorry!

Our last stop of the day of was to the Bali Chocolate Factory in Jasri. When I say this is a serious hidden gem of Bali, I mean it. It’s tucked away deep in Jasri and you have to literally drive through jungle to get there. Once you arrive, you’ll notice the coolest little huts (in which they make the chocolate and delicious coffee) and beach swings with the most amazing views.

We ended our day atop Sunset Point, a beautiful viewpoint in Amed overlooking the sea. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to close out the day.


The next day we decided to put our adventurous hats on and go scuba diving — but not just on any ol’ scuba diving adventure. We dove 12 meters down to the famous Liberty Ship Wreck. It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had and hands down, my favorite experience we had in Bali. Our instructor, named Wayan trained us beforehand at a local beach in Amed for about an hour, 7 meter dive, before we headed a ways out to the beach where the Liberty Ship Wreck lies. We saw beautiful coral, incredible sea life and of course the swimming through the ship wreck was the highlight of the entire dive.

If ever in Amed, make sure to check out Eco Dive Bali, the most knowledgeable divers, great prices and coolest dives you’ll experience.

That same day we bittersweetly left our gorgeous villa at The Griya and headed over to their sister hotel in Amed, Santai Hotel (check out my blog post on this portion of the trip HERE!).

This was only our first few days on the island of Bali and needless to say, we were already head-over-heels in love. Follow along on future posts for more about our trip and make sure to check out the Griya Villa and Spas during your stay in Bali:!


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