My three-step second and third day curly hair routine

Every curly girl knows that proper hair care means only washing your hair once or twice a week. The reason for this is to ensure your hair stays hydrated and moisturized. Unlike women with straight hair, curls tend to break and become dryer quicker — and washing them everyday or every other day just adds to that.

But on those days when we’re not washing our hair, of course we’d like to keep our curls poppin’ and as lively as possible. In order to do this, every woman should have a second, third and fourth day curly hair routine. This routine does not include a shampoo or cleanser, and is a lot more simplified than your wash day routine. I love switching up my favorite products on these days, but since the lovely ladies at DevaCurl recently sent me some goodies, I wanted to focus this post on those because I’M OBSESSED. 🙌✨

Check out my second, third (and fourth!) day curly hair routine below.


1. Deep condition

I wash my hair once a week, and the same goes for deep conditioning. I’ll do this on my second day hair *only*, since it was previously washed the day before. If you’re familiar with my blog, you know I’m currently in love with DevaCurl’s Heaven in Hair treatment. It smells great, doesn’t weigh down my hair and leaves my curls feeling so smooth and luscious. The first thing I do is wet my hair with a spray bottle until it’s soaking wet — not damp (this is to ensure the deep conditioner can properly penetrate your strands). After, I grab a good amount of the conditioner and place it throughout my hair, avoiding the scalp. I place a heat cap over it for 30 minutes, then wash it out with water only. REMEMBER: Just yesterday you shampooed, no need to go in again.


2. Product refresh

Because you more than likely have leftover product in your hair from wash day, you don’t need to add a lot more to your hair these next few days. If you do, it will end up weighing your hair down and God knows we love our volume! All I do is make sure my hair is wet (if it’s day two it will already be soaking from rinsing out the deep conditioner) — but if it’s day three or four you will need your trusty spray bottle again. Spray water all over your hair until wet, then go in with a small amount of your favorite curly hair products. I have a ton that I like to alternate with, but lately I’ve been loving DevaCurl’s Mist-er Right Dream Curl Refresher! It’s a light spray that doesn’t leave your hair sticky or crunchy. It’s basically made for second and third day hair to refresh your curls and bring them back to life. As always, remember to avoid the scalp.

3. Finishing spray

The final step! After your product refresh, you want to make sure you dry your hair with your microfiber towel. As you normally would on wash day, scrunch up your curls with the towel upside down, then side to side for maximum volume. Once your curls are damp, spray your hair with any finishing spray of your choosing. I’ve been using my DevaCurl’s Set It Free Moisture Lock Finishing Spray. This will lock in all the moisture throughout your hair to minimize frizz and breakage.

And WALAH — you’re all set and ready to go. It’s really that simple. Three easy steps to flawless curls on days you won’t be washing them. This is the final result:



What are some of your favorite curly hair products or hair products in general? Drop em’ in the comments below. xx ❤️

6 thoughts on “My three-step second and third day curly hair routine

  1. Hey! Thanks for your post!
    My hairstylist just introduced me to the “set-it-free” spray and I do not like the candy smell. Do the other two Devacurl products here have the same smell?


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