My deep conditioning routine for the softest hair of your life

Ladies, if you haven’t already, you need to hop on the deep conditioning train ASAP. Trust me when I say it will change your life and your hair will thank you for it big time. The best part about deep conditioning is that is works for ALL hair types — curly, straight, wavy, kinky — every woman can benefit. If you do deep condition on a regular basis then you know it does things for your hair regular washing simply cannot.

Benefits of deep conditioning:

  • Enhances curl definition
  • Elongates hair strands
  • Reduces breakage and damage
  • Improves hydration
  • Promotes elasticity
  • Adds shine and luster

If you want soft, healthy hair that consistently looks its best, check out my deep conditioning regimen below!

1. Mix DevaCurl One Condition Conditioner and coconut oil in a bowl until it turns into a liquid formula (you can use many different conditioners for this as long as it’s deeply penetrating!) Separate your hair into sections and carefully work the mixture through the strands, focusing on the ends.


2. Toss your conditioned hair in a bun and wrap it in a plastic bag to seal in the moisture. Place a cap or microfiber towel over the plastic bag to heat up the deep conditioning treatment, and leave on for 30 minutes.



That’s literally all there is to it! Three simple steps to the softest, most moisturized hair of your life. Do this once a week and you’ll notice a dramatic difference in the health of your hair.

The end result:



What’s your favorite deep conditioning treatment? Drop it in the comments below! xx ❤️

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