My current curly hair product obsessions

I recently stopped in one of the famous DevaChan salons in New York City and got a Deva Cut that I instantly fell in love with. Since then, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with trying and learning more about DevaCurl products. Luckily, my new friends over at DevaCurl sent me a ton of amazing new goodies that ALREADY, I can’t get enough of. The moment I received the box, I couldn’t wait to try out the products and tell you guys all about what I thought of them. Below is my full DevaCurl curly hair product review!

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own.

DevaCurl Devafuser


I’ve tried many diffusers in my lifetime, but I have to say, this is 100% my new fave! I used it right after applying my products and slowly drying my hair with a microfiber towel. It was the second to last step in my curly hair routine (before fluffing out my hair) and it did WONDERS for my curls. The DevaFuser completely surrounds your curls from roots to ends for a super quick drying time. It kept my moisture in tact and left my hair feeling softer than ever.

DevaCurl Styling Cream


This curly cream is a dream! It smells incredible (literally all DevaCurl products do) and brings life to my curls. I use this cream as soon as I get out of the shower after using my No-Poo Cleanser and One Condition Conditioner. I take a quarter-sized amount and spread it throughout my hair, avoiding my roots so my hair doesn’t dry flat on top. The styling cream leaves your hair shiny, bouncy and extra moisturized. Bonus: It’s made with jojoba to strengthen hair and tapioca starch for frizz-control!

DevaCurl B’Leave In


This product is amazing for those days when your curls just aren’t behaving. If you want to bring out your gorgeous, natural hair texture, this is your go-to! I’ll use this once a week pre-styling cream by taking a quarter-sized amount and scrunching it onto my hair to add body and volume. The B’Leave In adds moisture, shine and plumps your curls to perfection. On top of that, the fact that it’s made with wheat protein, lemongrass and chamomile makes it smells delish!

DevaCurl Defining Gel


While I usually stray away from hair gel because most of them are super hardening, this gel is truly unlike any other. On days when I want a little change from my Styling Cream, I’ll whip out this baby and it takes great care of my curls. The first thing you need to know about the Defining Gel is that it’s non-drying with a light hold, meaning it leaves your curls defined, while keeping them super soft. After wetting my hair, I take a quarter-sized amount and rake it through my curls in an upward motion. It’s made with wheat and soy proteins that leave your curls sticky-free, bouncy and shapely.

My curls after one week of consistently using DevaCurl products = 😍😍😍


What are some of your favorite curly hair goodies? Drop em’ in the comments below! You can also check out my full curly hair routine here! xx ❤️

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