The only products you’ll ever need for properly cleaning your makeup brushes

If you drink a ton of water and are consistent with your skincare regimen, but are STILL dealing with breakouts — the cause might actually be something you never expected. Dirty makeup brushes are one of the main causes of acne, and not cleaning them frequently will have serious consequences.


When you leave your brushes dirty, old makeup that’s been chillin’ in them begins to clog your pores, and ultimately, messes with your face. I recommend cleaning your brushes at least once a week (I clean mine on Sundays) to rid them of any gross build-up that’s been harboring over the past few days. I personally have my own routine and tools to ensure I’m properly cleaning my brushes each week! Check them out below.

The first thing I do is grab my Sigma Dry’n Shape Spa! This will become your best friend when it comes to cleaning your babies. It’s designed to clean, dry and reshape your brushes using just ONE easy-to-use gadget. It comes with three detachable pieces, each with a different use:


Wash tool

  • Includes three areas (wash face brushes, wash eye brushes, rinse) with grooves that allow for easy product break up and removal from bristles

Dry tool

  • Small handles inside and outside of attachment dries brushes downward, draining water and slowly shaping

Reshape tool

  • Elastic bands hold brush heads into place while reducing drying time and forming bristles back into natural shape.

I also make sure I have my SigMagic Brushshampoo (this is a necessity!) This shampoo uses 100% natural virgin coconut and palm oil to dissolve product build-up, oil residue and bacteria in your brushes. The best part is that it’s sulfate and paraben free. 😍


*Another alternative to the brush shampoo is making your own all-natural cleanser. For this, you can mix a little extra virgin olive oil and dish soap together!

Once I have both the spa and shampoo ready to go, I wet my brushes thoroughly until they’re virtually soaking. Then I spray one or two spritz’s of the brush shampoo onto the bristles and begin working it through the brush using the dry n’ shape tool.

This takes around one minute or less, depending on the density of the brush. I then check to see if they’re completely clean (the best way to do this is to keep working the bristles through the spa grooves until you see only clear water!)


After this I carefully place the wet brushes through the elastic bands. I do this bottom first, until the bristles are safely secured on one end of the tool and the bottom of the brush is locked into the other end.


PRESTO! Your brushes are clean, shiny and almost brand new. 👏✨ I genuinely can’t recommend these products enough for making your brushes fresh and lovely again!


For more Sigma Beauty brush care goodies, see here ➡️  Sigma Beauty: Brush Care! And don’t forget to get 10 percent off on all products with code: SIGMA2017.


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