5 face moisturizers that will change your life

Because face moisturizers are a critical part of my daily skincare routine, I wanted to share my top 5 favorites with you guys. Some, I’ve been using for years and they’ve never let me down, while others, I recently discovered and have fallen in love with. Check them out below and maybe you’ll find a new fave!


Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer

My go-to daily moisturizer! I’ve tried several different moisturizers over the years and this one always has my back. It’s oil-free, extremely lightweight and blends right into your skin for intense smoothness. Bonus: It’s SPF 35! Hello sun protection ☀️🙌

The Seaweed Bath Co. restore-protect day cream

I love this day cream when my skin needs a little extra help. It’s a bit thicker than the Neutrogena moisturizer so it helps repair my skin from breakage or drying that comes with harsh winter air.

H20 beauty aqua defense moisturizer

Another super lightweight moisturizer that gives my skin the added moisture it needs. It’s created with matcha, which gives it an amazing smell I can’t get enough of! On top of that, it’s SPF 40 which as we know, is GOALS.

Nip + Fab kale fix moisturizer

I recently discovered the Nip + Fab brand and have to say, I’m obsessed so far. This moisturizer is kale based, meaning it has added properties that help restore and repair your skin. It makes my face feel softer than ever.

Mario Badescu oil-free moisturizer

I love using this moisturizer when my skin is acting up. If acne decided to stop by and pay a visit, I use it overnight, and by the morning any problem areas have visibly decreased. It’s basically my miracle moisturizer, with SPF 30 as an added bonus!

Have you tried any moisturizers lately that you can’t get enough of? Drop em’ in the comments! xx ❤️

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