The perfect romantic couples getaway at cove haven resort

Last year to celebrate my birthday and our second year anniversary, my boyfriend Tim took me on a beautiful, romantic getaway deep in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. My birthday is in July, which just so happens to be one of the warmest summer months of the year. This made the vacay even more wonderful and we were able to experience all the Poconos had to offer. I brought my go-pro camera and Tim and I made a little video of the trip that I’ll link at the very end for you! Here’s a recap of the vacation, just in case you and your love are looking for romantic trip ideas.


We stayed at Cove Haven resort, a couples-only resort hidden in the hills, with a gorgeous view of Pennsylvania’s famous Lake Wallenpaupack. The trip was all-inclusive meaning our meals and hotel stay was covered. The resort included champagne glass hot tubs in the rooms (yes, I said CHAMPAGNE GLASS HOT TUBS!), three separate pools, and a ton of activities, such as:

  • Tennis, basketball, volleyball and golf courses
  • Bicycling
  • Pedal boats, water skis, rowboats
  • Golf driving range
  • Boating
  • Archery
  • Game room
  • Nature trail

On day 1 we decided to rent free bikes from the resort gift shop first and take a ride around the property because it was such a gorgeous day. The sun beating down and the wind in our faces on the ride was absolutely perfect. We rode down by the water and stood for a moment, admiring the beauty that surrounded us.

Next, we went on a hike though the forest trail near the resort. It was beautiful, mesmerizing and truly incredible being one with nature the way we were. The smell of the trees and the sounds of the forest were so soothing. The hike took us around 20 minutes and we even found a lovely little “kissing tree,” which of course we had to take a kissing picture in front of.


The next day, we took the pedal boats out on the water and saw the lake up close and personal. It was amazing seeing all the people on the water; jet skiing, water skiing, paddle boating — we had so much fun being part of the adventure along with them. Towards the end of the day, we got our workout in by playing tennis until the sun went down.


The day after that, we decided to start off in the game room and had our own mini competition. We played indoor mini golf, archery, basketball and table tennis. (Tim won three out of four 😭) Afterwards, we went boating and enjoyed a little more time on the water, as we ventured far out on the lake into what seemed like an entirely new part of the Poconos.

The entire trip was wonderful, but the last day might have been the best! We drove up to Bushkill Falls, a gorgeous hiking area with steep trails that leads to a fabulous waterfall. There were several routes you could take to get to the fall; some easier, some much more difficult. Of course, we had to take the tough route, stopping occasionally for photo ops and checking out the smaller (but just as magnificent) waterfalls along the way.

When we finally reached the top, it was incredible. While Bushkill falls isn’t exactly the largest waterfall in the world (measuring 100 ft.) that doesn’t take away from how majestic it truly was in person. Tim and I love the outdoors and becoming one with nature, so this was a perfect end to a perfect trip.


You can check out a video recap of the entire trip on Tim’s YouTube channel here!!! 😃

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on? Tell me in the comments! We’re also looking for more fun couples getaway ideas for 2017! Drop em’ below as well. xx ❤️

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