The only makeup brushes you need in your life

For those of you always looking for a new makeup brush to try, I have the perfect brand to grab your attention in 2017. If you haven’t heard of BH Cosmetics, they’re an affordable, high-quality makeup brand that offers everything from eyeshadow palettes to brow pomades. But today, I wanted to share with you by far one of my favorite products they offer; their makeup brushes! I purchased their Sculpt and Blend 10 piece brush set two months ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

(Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own.)


The set includes five face brushes and five detailing brushes:

  • Powder brush
  • Round blending face brush
  • Tapered contouring brush
  • Flat blending face brush
  • Angled contouring face brush
  • Small tapered contouring face brush
  • Small angled blending face brush
  • Small flat blending face brush
  • Small angled contouring face brush
  • Small round blending face brush

My favorite thing about this kit is that it comes with everything you need if you’re a makeup artist, but is easy to use and affordable for an everyday person like me. The brushes are extremely soft and sturdy, plus they’re flawless for contouring, shading and blending. I’ve used them with creams, liquids and powders as they’re super versatile and they leave my makeup looking seamless and pore-free. Bonus: the aesthetic of these brushes is to die for! Black and gold for the win ✨

If you’d like to give em’ a try, click here. Also, see more beauty products I recommend for 2017 here.

Have you tried any BH brushes? If so, what did you think of them? Drop your thoughts and any other makeup brush recommendations in the comments! xx ❤️


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