Bettering myself in the new year

This year, instead of making external resolutions such as saving more money or hitting the gym more often — I thought I’d make promises that were a little more personal, a little more close to the heart. This year I want to focus on my overall wellbeing to continue learning and growing from the inside out. These are my five New Year’s resolutions going into 2017.

1. Meditate at least once a day

The benefits of meditation are limitless, really. For years, I’ve been telling myself I’m going to start meditating, but in 2017 I want to put it into practice. In between the stresses of daily life it’s good to take a moment to yourself and just breathe.


2. Call my parents once a day 

I’m one of those lucky children who are extremely close with their parents. You never know when someone will no longer be a blessing in your life, so I want to make sure they know how much they mean to me, even if it’s a quick phone call on the regular. Reaching out to your loved ones is more important than you know.


3. Spend 15 minutes in the sun daily

Sun intake mellows you out, keeps you sane and is amazing for the skin. I’m determined to take in as much sun as possible throughout my day, even if that means spending my lunch break taking a stroll outside.

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4. Check in with my close friends every week

My two best friends live on the other side of the country and because of our busy schedules, it’s difficult to keep in touch as often as we’d like. This year, I want to make the effort to see how they’re doing on a consistent basis. It not only keeps the friendship strong, but it adds to your internal joy as well.


5. Do one thing that makes me happy every single day

With work, relationships and the everyday things that keep our lives busy, it’s easy to forget to take care of your happiness. You might not realize it, but you might be forgetting to take a moment for yourself each day. In 2017, I want to do one thing daily that brings pleasure to my life — whether it be reading an empowering quote or taking a long, hot bath.


What are some of your New Year’s resolutions? Tell me in the comments below! xx ❤️

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