4 secrets you need to follow for flawlessly clear skin

Achieving clear skin isn’t easy if it’s not already in your genes. For someone like me who struggled with getting my skin right for ages, taking care of it now is more important than ever. The thing is, nice skin is more than just splashing a little water on your face and calling it a day. There are many things you must do to achieve that flawless look than simply washing your face. While skin types vary, there are 4 things basically everyone can do to get the clear glow you’ve always wanted.

1. Drink as much water as possible

I try to drink at least a gallon of water a day. Drinking a lot of water not only clears your skin but it helps your body stay on track when it comes to weight and overall energy. If you don’t always have time or resources to buy several water bottles throughout the day, do what I do and invest in one oversized bottle (mine is 32 oz.) and stick with that. I fill mine 4 times a day and I’m set.

2. Green juice is your friend

If you haven’t heard already, green juice is EVERYTHING when it comes to your skin. It fills you with the nutrients you need for a healthy body and mind. Drink 1 green juice every morning with breakfast or at the end of the day (post-workout if that’s your thing) and you’ll see a difference in your skin within a week, guaranteed.

3. The more color on your plate the better

Fruits and veggies are your body’s best friend. They change your skin from the inside out. Incorporating more color to your diet in every meal will help your skin stay glowy and smooth. Instead of fries on the side, opt for a hearty salad. Instead of ice cream for dessert, opt for a bowl of fruit. It will do wonders!

4. Maintain a daily skin regimen 

Only washing your face at night before bed or exfoliating once a month isn’t going cut it. To achieve that healthy, clear skin you’ve always wanted, consistency is key. Find what works for you and follow it. Do it everyday no matter how lazy or tired you are. See my complete daytime and nighttime skincare routine here.

My skin after consistently applying all four tricks to my daily life:

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